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Social Communication Groups
PlaySpace is a welcoming place where children can come together, connect and further their communication and friendship skills in a supportive, guided and small group environment.  Our fun filled small group classes give your child the opportunity to improve confidence, social skills and effective communication. 

We offer group classes and individual social and communication support services designed to meet the needs of children experiencing communication, social and sensory processing challenges. 

Roots of Play builds cooperative play and engagement with peers.  Your child will gain experience being part of a group, expressing ideas, accepting ideas from others, taking turns, sharing, problem solving and developing and following play plans.   

Language Builders expands comprehension, expressive communication and story telling skills.  Your child will practice asking and answering questions, describing, conceptualizing, summarizing and further his/her ability to maintain conversational topics.  

Motor Make Believe develops imaginitive play and group readiness skills through movement.  Your child will join in group activities, follow group directions, imitate motor movements, stand in line, wait, take turns and share an imagination with others.

Every group at PlaySpace supports joint attention, engagement, communication, social interaction, cooperation and pretend play.
Every group at PlaySpace embeds predictable routines, visual supports, guided play, repeated practice and parent education.  
Every group at PlaySpace includes children with development delays and differences.