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Social Communication Groups
How do I get started?  Contact us to schedule an initial intake appointment by phone at 503.224.2820 or by email at You and your child will meet with us for one hour prior to starting in a group .  This time will be spent answering any questions you have, helping you understand the different groups we offer and which might be the best fit for your child.  We also use this time to screen your child's communication, play, social and adaptive skill development in order to place him/her in a well matched group.  ​​

When do groups meet?  Groups run year round and typically follow the PPS school calendar for closures.   Each group is individually scheduled according to the needs of the group members.  When a child is a good match for a particular group of children he/she will be offered a time and day that works for all group members. It's complicated!

How long do groups meet?  Groups meet one hour per week seasonally.  

How many children are in a group together?  We offer groups as small as two children (dyad) and have a maximum of six children per group with two adults. The size of the group typically depends on your child's individual areas of strength and need.  

Do parents participate?  No, take an hour for yourself!  Our groups are designed to help children navigate social dynamics with peers.  We provide handouts for all of the social lessons we teach in order to help you support your child to use the skills they learn and practice during group outside of the group environment.    

How will I know how my child is doing?  We give a brief overview of how the group went on a given day and what we worked on in addition to the handouts provided describing our social lessons.  We respect confidentiality when talking to parents as a group and will ask you to stay after or check in with you by phone or email if something of importance arose during group on a particular day related to your child.  We are always available by phone and email to answer any questions that you have.  We provide written summaries of your child's progress seasonally.  

What if my child struggles to separate from me?  We have helped many families make a healthy transition towards spending time apart.  Independence is a natural part of child development and opens doors for learning opportunities and growth.   If your child has struggled to participate in preschool or other child focused class in the past, PlaySpace may offer a bridge toward fostering the confidence you both need to seperate. Children take cues from their environment and they are amazingly resiliant!

Can you bill insurance? Yes!  We are happy to check your insurance benefits prior to your child starting in a group with us.  All groups are billed as speech therapy.  We do our best to comply with your insurance company's requirements regarding speech therapy benefits such as obtaining prior authorization and submitting documentation of medical necessity.

Do you offer other services?  Yes!  We offer individual speech lanuguage therapy services as well as on site social communication support in your child's current preschool or daycare environment with his/her peers.  Contact us at 503.224.2820 or to learn more.